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Having difficulty understanding your child? Does he/she have difficulty producing specific sounds? In articulation therapy we provide services for sound distortions, omissions, and deletions. The following techniques are used: ​​

  • PROMPT therapy

  • Sounds in Motion therapy

Articulation therapy can help with:​

  • Childhood Apraxia of Speech

  • Speech Sound Disorders

  • Limited Intelligibility

Early Intervention

Is your toddler's language not keeping pace with his/her peers? Do you think he/she may have a speech delay? We provide early intervention for toddlers and early preschoolers through play-based therapy. We work to expand utterance length, vocabulary, and overall communication abilities. Early intervention is key for later language skills - don't wait it out!

School-Aged Language

Is your child struggling with academic expressive/receptive language in school? In school-aged language therapy, we target all aspects of language demands used by children daily including: preliteracy skills, sequencing, story retell, wh-questions, phonological awareness, syntax, morphology, reading comprehension, and narrative writing.

Social Communication and Pragmatics

Does your child struggle with connecting to peers or attending in school? In therapy targeting pragmatics, we will target eye contact, attending to activities, social organization, hidden social rules, identifying emotions, and engaging with peers both socially and academically.

Myofunctional Swallowing

Does your child have a tongue-thrust when swallowing? We swallow hundreds of times per day. If your child's tongue is thrusting against his/her teeth, it can cause dental or orthodontic concerns in the future. We will teach a developmentally appropriate swallowing pattern, eliminating tongue thrusting for good!

Voice Therapy

Do you often lose your voice? Do you have consistent hoarseness? Has an ENT diagnosed you with a voice disorder (e.g., vocal nodules, polyps, cysts, etc.)? In voice therapy, we work to change your vocal habits to prevent the persistence of voice disorders. We work on breath work, daily routines, and vocal hygiene.


Do you or your child have vocal dysfluencies or stutter-like patterns? In fluency therapy we work to identify the types of stutters and teach techniques to assist in everyday life. We also work to  build confidence and independence in everyone regardless of any dysfluencies!

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